Case Study : Fashion

As quickly as the latest trends change, Spring/Summer collections are replaced by Autumn and Winter ranges, your freight forwarder needs work with you to react quickly.

This will enable you to remain competitive, ensure your garments arrive ready for the catwalk and make sure that the all-important final delivery to your customer goes without a hitch.

AFS have been working with our garment and textile clients for many seasons.  We make sure we understand your products so we can ensure we use the right equipment for the job.

You’ll need to consider if the traditional flat packed method is the most suitable or would hanging your garments on strings or bars inside a container be more efficient. You may be able to reduce costs by eliminating the need to steam, press or process your goods on arrival?

If you’re selling into a high street retailer, we know they can have some pretty demanding delivery criteria, so we’ve assembled a select team of warehouse operators and delivery partners to make sure all the boxes are ticked when it comes to the final delivery.

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