Case Study : Kriega

Supporting global growth:

How AFS helped Kriega build a business that sells all over the world.

Motorcycle luggage brand Kriega is a global company, which sells its products in more than 40 countries around the world. But, before meeting AFS Global, the business was still a concept being developed by designers Michael Cottam and Dom Longman.

Operating out a garden shed in the North of England, the pair were very much in start-up mode and looking for support and advice on conducting global trade.

Michael explains: “When we were starting out, we were operating on such a small scale that we needed to convince manufacturers in China that we were a serious business, so they would take our initial order. Part of building that trust was reassuring them that we knew what we were doing when it came to shipping.

“The reality was, we didn’t know the first thing about shipping, so we got in touch with the AFS Global team. With their advice we were able to convince our suppliers that we were credible – we’ve been growing ever since.”

Global growth

As Kriega has expanded globally it has gone through various phases of growth, which have required it to revise its international operations. This has included moving its manufacturing base from China to Vietnam. The company now also regularly ships its product from South East Asia to 10 different countries around the world.

While these international cross trades have added greater complexity, and dramatically increased the number of different agents involved in Kriega’s global shipping operation, AFS Global has been able to support that journey and allay any concerns around international trade.

“Whether it’s from China to Australia, or Vietnam to the Americas, I’ve never had to worry about transporting our product,” explains Michael. “Shipping is the easiest part of our business as we always have someone on hand to provide advice and guide us through that process. This has proved invaluable.”

Michael adds: “We’ve built our business up by developing good relationships with people we work with – and its an approach that has worked well for us. If we had to go jetting around the world to create all those relationships however, it would be extremely time consuming and expensive. Thankfully, AFS has a strong global network – and their overseas agents are super.”

Customer service is key

Michael attributes the success of the AFS Global / Kriega partnership to the constant flow of information he receives and access to a highly responsive customer service team.

“I always know when something will ship and when it will arrive – and, when it does, I’m always notified. I’ve never have a worry or any concerns about shipping, ever,” said Michael. 

He adds: “I couldn’t recommend the AFS team highly enough. They are like a family, a really tight unit. Always friendly. Always prompt. With other professional services, like lawyers and accountants, they can leave you waiting days for a response. But when you want to know something about shipping, even if someone isn’t available at that precise moment, the AFS team will be back to you within the hour. Their customer service is excellent.”