When Liam Browne appeared on Dragons’ Den, it was a life changing experience.

The yoga teacher and healer wowed the Dragons with his product, Full Power Cacao, securing a three-way £50,000 investment from Peter Jones, Steven Bartlett and Gary Neville.

After the show aired, the audience also bought into Liam’s mission to propel people to self-realisation and enlightenment through the sacred plant medicine Cacao. So much so that the business was inundated with orders – receiving half a year’s worth of sales within half an hour!

This interest in Full Power Cacao promised to elevate the business to new heights. But then disaster struck. Just at the wrong time, an issue with their haulage supplier meant Liam wouldn’t be able to get his product out to new customers, without a lengthy delay.

Not wishing to let anyone down, Liam reached out to AFS Global to see if we could lend our logistics expertise and help him find a solution. And that’s what we did.

We were quickly able to organise emergency road freight, which meant Liam would be able to distribute his products in good time and satisfy his new customers. It meant Liam was able to maintain the successful momentum his company had been building.

Since then, we have been working to support Full Power Cacao – most recently, helping the business to manage a five-tonne shipment from Venezuela via Spain on to its final destination in the UK.

We’re so pleased to have been able to contribute in some way to Liam’s journey with Full Power Cacao, and we’re excited to see where the business goes next.

More power to you Liam.