Importing from China to the UK

Every year China exports trillions of US dollars’ worth of products globally with over $65 billion (USD) heading into the UK. It’s safe to say that China remains the most popular origin for the goods we import, which include furniture, home furnishings, toys, textiles and electronics.

At AFS Global, our first shipment in 2007 was imported from China, as does most of our trade today.

In 2014, AFS Hong Kong was created as our dedicated point of contact for all freight flowing out of China to the UK. By adding offices in Ningbo and Qingdao, coupled with our selected network across every major port in China, we have the connections and local understanding to ensure we can handle any type of shipment.

Why choose AFS Global?

In China, reputation, a commitment to building face to face relationships and mutual trust will often ensure faster, trouble-free service than just the lowest price. It’s why we visit our partners there regularly and build up goodwill that will help if bumps ever occur in the road.

  • AFS Global offices in Hong Kong, Ningbo and Qingdao
  • Experts agents across all ports, with a detailed understanding of Chinese export rules
  • Long standing relationships with shipping lines providing priority access to space on vessels
  • Advice on relevant tariffs, customs clearance, duty and tax
  • Sea and air freight routes available from China to the UK, depending on the urgency of your shipment