An Introduction to International Cross Trade


How you can make multinational shipping “the easiest part of your business”

If you are an import business wanting to grow beyond the UK’s domestic market, it’s highly likely you will need to engage in international cross trade. In simple terms, this means you will be sourcing products from abroad and shipping directly to your export market, without the goods having to go via the UK first.

While it’s a relatively straight forward process, it’s amazing how many companies turn down orders from abroad because international cross trade seems too complex. Businesses can maintain full visibility and control, however, with the right partner by your side.

It’s important to note that cross trade is not without its complications, but to help you understand what these are and how to best manage them, AFS Global has produced this guide which includes advice on how to:

  • Manage carriers and customs
  • Handle documentation, in order to avoid delays and protect data
  • Work with agents at origin and destination
  • Access multimodal transportation
  • Track and trace your cargo

In this guide, we capture the key pieces of advice we regularly share with customers – brands that are selling products across dozens of international markets. We hope this gives you the confidence to grow your business through cross trade by seizing the opportunities that exist beyond the UK’s borders.