Cross Trade Services

Sourcing from origin and bringing goods into the UK?

Take a look at our import services.

Making products in the UK and selling world-wide?

You’ll need our exports team.

But what do you do when your supplier is in China and your customer is in the USA? How can you move your products from one country to another whilst working from your office in the UK?

With the increased integration of markets, moving goods across the world from supplier to customer without routing through the UK can be the most cost effective and efficient way to trade globally.

The keys to a successful cross trade are:

  • Having trusted freight contacts at both origin and destination, ones who understand local customs and operations
  • Attention to detail on documentation ensuring both source and pricing confidentiality whilst ensuring compliance on export and import

What can initially seem daunting is, when handled correctly, the same as an import and an export, all rolled into one.

Considered cross trades before or just realised that this could change the way your business operates?

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